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  1. A team can have unlimited number of players in the squad however, only 7 players max can play a given match.

  2. Captain should declare the playing 7 at the toss.

  3. Each innings is 7 overs max with 7 wickets.

  4. Each bowler is allowed to bowl a maximum of 2 overs.

  5. A maximum of 1 "Impact Player" is allowed during the game. The "Impact Player' rule allows the teams to bring in a substitute player midway through the game.

  6. Impact player can be introduced before the start of the innings, or after the completion of the over, or after the fall of a wicket.

  7. A player who is replaced by an Impact Player ("Replaced Player") can no longer take part in the remainder of the match and is also not permitted to return as a substitute fielder.

  8. Both teams are allowed to use one Impact Player per match. It is, however, not compulsory and is up to teams whether they want to use the Impact Player or not.

  9. A batsman is allowed to retire anytime during the innings but can only do at the end of the over.

  10. Wicket keeper is mandatory throughout the game.

  11. No leg bye runs are allowed.

  12. All no balls will result in a free hit.

  13. No last man batting is allowed.

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