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Welcome to Dream Vision Pick Em 2021. We are really excited about the game this year and hope you have a fun pick em.

For all of you who have played with us the previous years, you can log into the CBS site and select- 2021 Dream Vision Pick EM Pool.

For those of you who are new, go to, create your account and then select 2021 Dream Vision Pick EM pool. Once the account is created, go to our Facebook/Instagram page and comment I'm in on the latest pick em post. Don't forget to tag 2 of your friends to qualify for the prizes. This will also be taken into consideration during a tie-breakers. We might also have some surprises to spice the game this year. Don't forget to pay a close watch on our social media handles.

You can also download the CBS Sports App and go to PICK EM and select the 2021 Dream Vision Pick EM Pool. If you have any questions or concerns with PICK EM, please email the DV team-


Tie Breakers:

In the event of a tie, the total points scored in the MNF game will be the deciding factor for the weekly prize winner. If a tie still exists after the total points tie breaker, all tied entries will be entered into a random drawing. One winner will be selected at random. 

Overall Standings:

Total correct picks for the entire season will decide the overall winner.


There will be one weekly winner. Winners will be notified in a weekly email announcement to all participants and posted here on Dream Vision Real Estate.

Picks Deadline:

Five Minutes Before Each Game*. If you miss the early games, you can still get your picks in for the late games.

*Games will lock five minutes before the scheduled start of each specific game. Please note - all pool member's selections will be displayed in the "View All" picks section only for games that have locked. Games that are not selected will be counted as an incorrect pick.

Eligibility and Registration Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of Washington State

  • Name, email and phone number are required on entry form

  • Like our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram

  • One entry per person

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